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Welcome to this site! is the official website of The Red Fox Nature Club, located in Toledo/Sylvania/Perrysburg, Ohio, and in Loveland, Colorado. The Red Fox Nature Club is a club run by kids, organized by kids, and founded by kids, to show people all over the world that kids can change the world in a good way, even better than some grown-ups can. If you want to start a club in your area, simply e-mail me at, and I will send you free club starter packet. If you live in either Loveland, CO, or Lucas/Wood county, OH, you can also e-mail me, and I will set you up with a group.

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now, its easy to sign up for a position in the group! just Fill This Form Out or Email Us at!

What You Can Find At Our Website

So, what can you find at our website? We'll tell you. Currently we have a latest news page, a nature story page, an info page, and coming soon will be an activity page, and a page where you can view different club advertisments and movies. When we do our Amazing Animals Fundraiser Sale, we will also have a page where you can buy stuff.

About our Mascot

     Our mascot is the red fox. The reason the red fox is our mascot is because it was seen by Sonya at Acadida National Park at nightime, crossing a road. The red fox is very little, but also very strong, and it iis a true creature of the wilderness.

Our Goals

Most of our club's goals are very high goals, but not bad goals at all. One of our major goals is to establlish a link with the government, and help teach everybody about how pollution, deforestation, and other things can not only kill trees, plants, and animals, but also human beings. Our second most important goal is to be able to visit schools and teach all the kids that will later become grown-ups about nature. We also have many other goals.

Why Kids?

A question lots of people ask is, "Why is this club mainly for kids?" I am glad to finally be able to answer that question. The answer is, because kids today will be grownups tomorrow, and if they learn about it now, they will be able to grow up loving the enviroment, and can do great things. Also, kids seem to have a really strong connection with nature.